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So I waited until today to post this because I didn’t want to jinx it and wanted to make sure I didn’t have one in my sleep because of the many triggers in Lucy. But here goes.

I didn’t have a seizure. And I haven’t had one in over a month.

I have had what I’m going to start calling ‘slowdowns’. It’s kind of like the seizures but instead of losing my higher cognitive functions I just get slower; like a PC that has too many applications open at once. I have problems encoding from short to long term memory, which affects following conversations, processing data and being overstimulated. I’m still me though, not “5 year old drew” as we’ve taken to explaining my seizures. I had one of these last night.

I’ve had these for decades, they’ve just gotten more pronounced as I’ve had more head traumas over the years, more noticeable starting in 2009. These are the result of the brain damage and why my dissociative seizures related to PTSD triggers were so bad. The symptoms have been buried in the seizures, and since they are untreatable have largely been ignored and treated as part of the seizures. There’s no medication, therapy or ‘magic bullet’ for these ‘slowdowns’ like the Seroquil has been for the seizures, but the skills I’ve learned while dealing with the seizures do help.

So yeah. This is doable. I can have a life again. I can start rebuilding and making plans again.

And a huge THANK YOU to those of you that have supported me in so many ways during these past two years when everything fell apart. I literally wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for all of you.

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